I’d never heard of vendor advocates before, I always assumed you would appoint a real estate agent. But I never felt that real-estate agents are a true advocate for the vendor. So after hearing about the Home Owner Sales Assist Service by Providence, I was really sold on the idea of having someone on my side helping me to achieve the best result. I sold two properties through Providence and I would never sell my properties any other way. The biggest benefit was that their service made me more money. Their advice during the negotiations gave me to confidence to hold firm, which resulted in a significant increase in price.

Georgina - Investor Sale

South East Sydney

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1 bed, 1 bath, 1 car

Investment details

  • Client looking to sell two investment properties before she breached the exemption period for capital gains tax at the peak of the Sydney Property Market.
  • Part of the clients strategy when she engaged Providence not only included what to buy but when to sell.
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