Subdividable Property Buying Service​

We search for, find, assess and negotiate the purchase of property which can be subdivided and developed.

Subdivision / Development — Here’s what you need to know

The property you buy could be a vacant block of land or have an existing dwelling on it.  If there is a dwelling on the block, it may be retained and the remaining land divided.  If you do not want to retain the dwelling it could be demolished, and a decent sized block may allow you to subdivide the land into separate lots with a dwelling on each. Alternatively, you could seek approval to develop the block with units or townhouses.Although the terminology may differ from state to state, your land can be subdivided in one of two ways;

  1. Multiple Lots – this involves reconfiguring the original block of land into more than one block. The additional blocks can either be sold as vacant land or be built on and sold with an existing dwelling;
  2. Community Lot – this is where you develop the lot for the purpose of building a block of units or townhouses. This involves establishing a community titles scheme to be managed by a Body Corporate, including the governing rules and division of costs. The Titles for these lots can only be issued after construction has been completed.

Note: All development is subject to approval and compliance with local regulations.

How we can save you time, guesswork and money when buying a property for development/subdivision

Finding a suitable property and negotiating a good price for it is a crucial first step.  But prior to buying, bear in mind that researching the property is an involved process – because you need to ensure your development plans are permissible on it.

So if you are seeking to buy a property with a view to having it subdivided, Providence Property Group can do the initial scoping, guide you through an overview, and if you choose to go ahead, buy the property on your behalf to get you started on this path.

Other than choosing a promising location, there are a lot of facts to gather to determine if the property can be developed in the way you intend. Once you list out all your considerations, there is quite a lot to find out about before you consider putting an offer on a property.

Here are the main considerations before you buy:

  • Block size and zoning – Is the land sufficiently large enough to construct several dwellings? Zoning density requirements may restrict the number and type of permissible dwellings.
  • Site coverage – Is there sufficient space for every new lot to have maximum site coverage as well as meeting minimum landscaped area requirements?
  • Easements – There are easements around and along property lines for utilities, so that it’s possible to install and maintain water, sewer, gas and electric lines. Where are these easements and how far do they extend?
  • Encumbrances – Do restrictions exist about the kind of building materials which may be used on the property? And what dwelling sizes are permissible?
  • Driveways – At times, the width of the driveway forming part of a battle-axe block (where one property is behind the street-facing property with a driveway allowing access to the one behind) does not form part of the land size. And if there is an existing driveway, would it have to be demolished and rebuilt?
  • Other structural cost outlays – This may include storm water drainage and passage, tree removal, building retaining walls and water meter installation.
  • Heritage – Is the land Aboriginal heritage? Is the existing dwelling heritage listed? What are the accompanying restrictions?
  • Major fees – Include those for surveyors, solicitors and structural engineers.
  • Other major costs – Stamp duty, rates, land taxes, title costs and loan interest.

Subdividable Property Buying Service – What to expect

Now you can take advantage of our extensive experience in the property market to help you make a good subdividable/development property purchase. At Providence Property Group, we are totally independent Buyers Agents who are 100% focused on your—the buyer’s—best interest.Whether you would like to subdivide as part of a private investment for you and your family or make it part of your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), we advocate strongly for you to buy a suitable property at the right price to start you on your journey of development.

That means we:

  • Meet with you for an initial, complimentary consultation to discuss your intentions. We gauge your level of preapproved finance (or help arrange this for you) so we can help you determine if subdivision is the right choice for you. If so, agree to a defined brief within the appropriate budget.
  • If you decide to go ahead, we sign an exclusive agreement for 4 months. During this time frame, we will research and present you with options specific to the agreed-upon brief, until you find the one you would like to purchase. We will do the best thing by you to mitigate risk.
  • Save you weeks or months of seeking out the right property and gathering the necessary facts.
  • Provide you peace of mind by giving you an informed, professional opinion about the potential of the property. We stay in close communication with you every step of the way to ensure you are comfortable with the process.
  • Deal with the selling agent, councils, town planners, and other people and organisations on your behalf.

Use our impartial strategic negotiation skills to buy at the lowest price possible, saving you money, and relieving you of the stress of having to go through the entire process on your own. You are now in possession of a property with fantastic potential for subdivision/development and for making a profit down the line. What is next?Moving forward, if you wish, we can put you in contact with the appropriate people such as engineers, builders, etc. to take you past this point. But essentially, the journey is now your very own. So, if you are considering one of the greatest potential return on investment property options—subdivision—then let us help you with the all-important property acquisition.Book your initial, obligation-free, complimentary consultation today.

Call us on 1300 252 550 to find out more.

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