Professional Property Negotiation

For most people, property will be the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime. Purchasing property is a big decision and there is a lot to consider, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Home Owner Assist

If you own property and are ready to sell, our Home Owner Assist Service will help you secure the best result possible. Benefit from professional, independent advice with no cost to you.

Investor Advocacy

Providence will assess your financial goals and devise the best property acquisition plan to achieve those goals within a realistic timeframe.


Our clients range from individuals new to investment, through to sophisticated investors looking to expand their portfolio. Wherever they sit on this spectrum, we\’ve learnt they share similar dreams, goals and expectations.  What they want is financial security and a proven strategy. Our highly regarded and experienced industry professionals will ensure their goals are achievable, and their journey is worry-free.

Research driven approach

Our research driven and market-leading research reports generate tangible and actionable insight for investors. Insight that helps you make the right investment decisions.

Be informed and involved

We educate you on what to look for and what to avoid so you can make informed investment decisions. We want you to be involved and enjoy the process of sustainable and responsible wealth creation.

Save time and money

By using our services and qualified network of suppliers you save time because all the research, number crunching and hard work have already been done. You’ll also save significant dollars as a result of Providence’s buying power.

Wholesale prices

You receive first option on the most desirable properties before their ‘mainstream release’ and you will be able to buy at the wholesale price, which is often below market value.

Leverage our network

You can achieve more when a great team is behind you. Our buying power and industry influence puts you in a position to afford a better property than you could achieve on your own.

Proven success

We will show you proof how our clients are achieving their investment goals through a well-tested and proven strategy. More importantly, we will show how you can do it too.

Leading the way

As a leading firm in the investment property industry, Providence advises developers on what to build and where to build because our research driven approach shows the type of property investors and owner occupiers want to buy.

“Our research minimises risk, reduces cost and saves valuable time searching for suitable investment properties.”