Simon Harris

Director of Research

More than two decades ago, Simon began his property career and own property portfolio with the purchase and renovation of a house in North Melbourne.

He has since built up a significant personal portfolio across Australia’s key markets and understands those markets intimately based on detailed research, his extensive industry relationships and frequent travel with direct personal observation.

With a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from Monash University Melbourne to his name, Simon’s highly analytical and meticulous approach has earned him the position of leading the company’s research and property sourcing strategy.

Prior to founding Providence, Simon spent 16 years working with some of the world’s best run and most respected multinational companies in senior leadership roles.

Lynton Stevenson

Director - Business Partner & Client Relationships

As a certified member of the Property Investment Association of Australia, Lynton Stevenson brings his passion and renown expertise to Providence’s highly curated services.

A great example of what can be achieved with the right insights and research findings, Lynton has developed his own sound property portfolio using the very insights he advises on.

His wealth of knowledge and depth of experience has placed Lynton in the trusted position of a highly regarded commentator, adviser and authority on the subject of residential property to those seeking a home for life or an investment property.

Prior to founding Providence, Lynton spent 13 years working in senior roles within multinational corporations.

Jay Pace


With a career history in the investment industry spanning 13 years and counting, Jay Pace brings a specialist approach and acute expertise to Providence.

Having presented to finance experts all over Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, Jay has managed millions of dollars in client funds participating in domestic and international markets.

Over the past decade, Jay has earned a reputation as a highly sought-after strategist in shares and derivatives, specialising in exchange traded options. His passion for investments led him to discover property options and his passion for analysis allowed him to create an attractive portfolio for himself.

Founding his own broking firm in 2011 ensured Jay’s finely tuned skill saw him work alongside a range of key boutique and listed firms in the market place.
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