Providence Property Group Pty Ltd was established in 2006 as a specialist property advisory firm providing unparalleled research-driven insight into the Australian residential, industrial and commercial property market.

Providence is a strong advocate for responsible and informed investing. This is the basis upon which Providence was founded and continues to be a cornerstone of our success and that of our clients. Providence sources residential, industrial and commercial property  for clients as an investment or for an owner-occupier.

Our approach to acquiring property is based upon a depth of research not undertaken by any similar company to our knowledge. This research is what sets us apart and why we believe the term Intellectual Property best describes the properties we source for our clients.

Our clients continue to choose Providence with confidence knowing they are achieving their purchasing goals through a well-tested and proven strategy.

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Head Office – Sydney
Level 24, Three International Towers
300 Barangaroo Ave, Sydney NSW 2000

PO Box R1955, Royal Exchange, NSW, 1225
Tel (02) 8021 2917 | Fax (02) 8078 6656

“Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their asset and income position through property with ease, direction and confidence. We achieve this through research intelligence and the application of a clear, concise and achievable plan.”