From Research to Results

While research tells us what is currently happening in the market, insights are what helps us understand why they occur. When the two are brought together we can formulate a blueprint for the best course of action – one that is backed by findings, not guesswork, that informs how to act.



  • Property and business cycle timing
  • Supply and demand
  • Population, immigration and state flows
  • Existing and new investment in public/private infrastructure and amenities
  • Economics including economic growth, interest rates, employment, inflation, business and consumer sentiment, household income and debt, affordability and investor activity
  • Demographic changes
  • Yield variation
Data sourced from Residex, CoreLogic,
ABS and other government agencies



  • Council zoning and regulations
  • Key local infrastructure, schools, hospitals and other facilities
  • Local employment generators
  • Suburb population growth
  • Demographics including income profiles
  • Capital growth by suburb
  • Socio-economic factors
  • Local supply and demand including potential for oversupply, vacancy rates and owner-occupier percentages
  • Yield
  • Affordability
  • Established benchmarks
  • Surrounding suburb/ripple effect
Data sourced by Providence
Research Department


With a viable area now identified, our team apply a rigorous screening process that canvases various crucial factors that need to be explored. More than just due diligence, this vital checklist must be met in order for a property to be presented to you, our client.

Once located a checklist of qualitative elements will be applied that will include:

  • Property must be free from effects, easements or coun- cil restrictions
  • If yet to be constructed, the developer must be credible and checked across various criteria.
  • Does the builder possess industry recognition or awards?
  • Focus on the use of premium materials, workmanship, ethics and code of conduct.

Providence is perfectly positioned to source a property that meets your needs. This property can be in the form of:

  • Existing
  • Renovate/renovated/refurbished
  • Brand new
  • Close to completion
  • Off the plan apartments, townhouses, houses
  • House and land packages
  • Dual income properties including granny flats and duplexes
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Land sub-division
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