CoreLogic RP Data Daily Home Value Index


Sydney: 165.36 Qtr -1.52 Yr -6.27 Melbourne: 149.79 Qtr -2.40 Yr -4.01 Brisbane: 109.97 Qtr -0.05 Yr +0.54 Adelaide: 114.06 Qtr +0.21 Yr +0.75 Perth: 92.13 Qtr -2.24 Yr -3.29 5 capital city aggregate: 140.89140.28 Qtr -1.63 Yr -4.28

Our team of professional research analysts and property negotiators identify properties that are located in desirable locations, are low-maintenance with high owner-occupier and tenant appeal and have the greatest medium to long-term capital growth potential.

Our Proven Process

Our research begins by first considering market cycle timing using our detailed 24-hour property clock. We recommend areas that are close to the bottom of the cycle and are poised for the upswing or have just commenced their upswing. In this way investors get an immediate equity lift in their portfolio from the market itself in addition to value we create for buyers upon purchase.We overlay this market timing insight with a high level view of global and national macro factors where we identify themes and trends, both offshore and domestically that will benefit particular geographical areas of Australia.Providence uses several leading research houses in order to source further data. We gradually narrow our search taking in further macro factors including public (government) and private (enterprise) initiatives and decisions, and how those will affect certain areas. We leverage data obtained from:

  • Overseas government research.
  • Australian federal, state and local government departments.
  • Australian and international economists and analysts.
  • Research from international and Australian major banks, investment banks and brokerages.
  • Australian property research firms including, RP Data, Residex, BIS Shrapnel and Australian Property Monitors.

Using this data, Providence then overlays insight appraising hundreds of factors from the global/national level down to the local/property level, which is shown in our research methodology. With the right synthesis of information, regions that are poised for growth are identified in appropriate parts of the market cycle.

Property Cycle

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