Raising The Research

Behind every great investment property or growth-positive home that Providence recommends, sits hours of meticulous research.

Our proven research process is formulated to return a list of particular criteria that prospective property must meet. These criteria demand that the property must be located in a desirable location, be of low-maintenance, possess a high owner-occupier and tenant appeal, and most importantly have medium-to-long-term capital growth potential.

Market Cycle timing is crucial when researching a property’s return power. By using a detailed 24-hour property clock we can source properties that are positioned at the bottom of the cycle yet poised for an upswing.

We compliment this timing insight with a high-level view of global and national macro factors where we identify themes and trends, both offshore and domestically that will benefit particular geographical areas of Australia. Providence uses several leading research houses in order to source further data and leverages data obtained from:

  • Overseas government research.
  • Australian federal, state and local government departments.
  • Australian and international economists and analysts.
  • Research from international and Australian major banks, investment banks and brokerages.
  • Australian property research firms including, CoreLogic, Residex, BIS Shrapnel and Australian Property Monitors.
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