Expatriate Relocation and Property Investment Services

The Australian property market has great potential to bring happiness and create wealth for buyers.

If you currently reside overseas but are relocating to Australia and need to find a new home, put Providence’s research and support behind you and get it right from the beginning.

Want to invest in Australian property but not heading down under anytime soon? We can do the vital research and hard work for you and help you secure a quality, high growth investment down under.

Expat Relocation Services

Relocating overseas for work is exciting, but with so much to organise it can feel overwhelming. Providence’s Expat Relocation Services simplify the transition into your new life.

If Australia is the destination of your international corporate transfer, our Expat Relocation Services will find the perfect home for you.

At Providence we are Australian property market specialists. Our industry-leading research enables us to determine what property will suit you based on a variety of factors. Our analysis of your situation includes factors such as:

  • The location of your workplace – including public transport considerations as needed
  • Your family circumstances – such as if you have school-age children, nearby relatives or friends
  • Lifestyle preferences – if you like the beach, bars, cafes, country, parks
  • Interests – sports, arts, religion, entertainment

We use this information to do an in-depth assessment to uncover the suburbs best suited to you and your wants and needs. From there, Providence can act as your Buyers Agent.

We will leverage our vast network in the property industry to uncover options for your ideal home and even negotiate and purchase on your behalf, saving you time, money and stress.  And when it comes time to move in, Providence can even help you with Pre-settlement inspections, cleaning, connection of services and more.

Expat Property Investment Services

At Providence we can help you make wise Australian property investment decisions from wherever you are in the world. With our services, there is no need for you to wait and risk missing out on the perfect investment property.

Our buying power and industry influence enables us to give you access to off-market listings, so you have opportunities not even available to buyers within Australia. Once you make a purchase, we can assist you in finding the right rental manager for your property so you are supported throughout the entire process.

As an international buyer it can be challenging to gain a clear vision of the Australian market. Providence provides you with the guidance, insight and data you need get the optimal result from your investment.

Whether you’re relocating to Australia or looking to invest in property down under, Providence gives you the support you need to make buying easier, faster and more affordable.

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