Right Strategy

Our long-term property acquisition plan takes into account your situation, needs and objectives to get you to where you want to go.

Right Structure

In conjunction with your financial advisor, we’ll help you structure your finances correctly – critical for a successful wealth generating property portfolio.

Right Property

We take the stress out of finding the
right investment property, which is thoroughly researched and tailored to
your goals.

Right Team

We offer ongoing support – extending beyond our services to a selected team of industry specialists across all your property investment needs.

Over the years Providence has gained a reputation for achieving superior results through research-driven insight, meticulous property selection and the highest levels of advice and customer service. Our services leverage thousands of hours of research, enabling investors to save time and money in the selection of property with ease, simplicity, confidence and proven results.

Our Services

  • Property research, analysis and due diligence
  • Property selection, sales (off market in many cases) and client support services
  • Portfolio development including entry, exit strategies and risk mitigation
  • Property portfolio review and ongoing assessment
  • Access to professionals in accounting, legal, finance and SMSF advice
  • Property development and construction advice
  • Corporate employee benefits program
  • Expatriate and non-resident property investment

Ongoing Support

Providence provides a broad spectrum of services to ensure everything goes to plan and stays on track. We manage and advise you every step of the way – from initial purchase through to exchange, pre-settlement and settlement. Our service also extends beyond these stages to post-sales support including assistance with property management, building inspections, depreciation reports and independent valuations.

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“Providence educates and assists throughout your investment journey, offering sound investment strategies, investment grade property and professional ongoing support.”