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If you own a block of at least 550sqm in size, 
then you may already be approved to...

Earn An Extra $515 to $575* Per Week From This Precision­-Built And Fully Customised Nano Home...

Installed And Ready To Be Occupied
In As Little As A Week After Delivery!


* varies by suburb

The Most Versatile Modular
Granny Flat Investment Properties

Earn up to $550 per week extra income

Pay off your home loan faster

Increase the value of your home

Create an additional income stream

Turn unutilised land into an income generating asset

Create a kids or parent retreat

Downsize to affordable luxury

Give your adult children independence while they save for their first home

Why NANO HOMES Are Better Value Than
Any Other Granny Flats On Today's Market

Huge 14%+ Rental Yield

The Investor’s Best Friend… fetching 14% to 16% rental yield in many parts of Sydney, with an appraised rental of $500+ per week.

Customised For You

Choose from decor selections and optional extras to match your requirements including furniture, appliances, solar, water tanks and more.

Solid Steel-Framed Construction

Rock solid and termite proof, built to above Australian standards. Your Nano Home will look great and perform well for decades to come.

25-Year Warranty

Ensuring your Nano Home performs as well decades from now as it does today.

Fully Installed In As Little As 1 Week

Typical granny flat construction causes disruption to current occupants or tenants… With the Nano Home, the dwelling is prefabricated offsite and installed in less than a week! Available Australia-wide, too.

Premium Design Features As Standard

Such as ducted air conditioning zones, full height tiles in bathrooms, double glazed windows and upmarket interiors.

Extraordinary Value For Money

With this level of inclusions, many owners and investors find the value of their property immediately goes up by more than the cost.

No Lengthy Approval Process

In most cases, if your block is over 550 sqm in sized with sufficient yard space, a lengthy Development Approval (DA) is NOT required.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Nano Home different to regular Granny Flats?
  • We offer a fixed price contract.
  • A complete Turn Key solution to include:
    • Insulation and soundproofing
    • The precision of full steel construction
    • 6 star quality
    • High-end appliances with Australian warranties included as standard
    • Fully Ducted and zoned air-conditioning
    • Engineering sign off
    • Guaranteed formaldehyde and asbestos free
I have seen them advertised cheaper.
  • There can be significant differences in quality, price and service. As with purchasing or building any home, it is crucial to do your research.
  • Nano Homes conform to guidelines and building codes that often surpass those of traditional built-on-site homes.
  • Nano Homes feature all quality inclusions in a one all-inclusive price
  • NO hidden costs
  • 25 year warranty

You will always get what you pay for!

There is no substitute for quality! Better quality will always attract a better quality tenant and a higher rent!

Can I change the floorplan/design?

Whilst the two designs noted are our standard designs, our architect is in the process of designing more options. Our architects and engineers have been researching and developing our plans to perfection over many years. By keeping to a smaller number of designs, we can also ensure consistent superior quality Inclusions at a very competitive price. If you would like a custom design, please talk to our Sales Consultants. They will liaise with you and our engineers and architect to create a design perfect for you at a very competitive price.

Are they built on a concrete slab?
  • A category 6 cyclone rating
  • A cheaper alternative to concrete
  • Removability
  • Does not limit where on your block you can build

They can be, but we recommend our Nano Homes to sit on advanced technology steel piers: Insulated aerated concrete flooring sit on core pillar and post foundations!

This offers:

What are the benefits of double glazing and ducted air conditioning?
  • All Nano homes offer comfort and luxury as standard.
  • Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter means you will always be comfortable!
  • Double glazing allows you to control the noise levels coming from inside and outside of your Nano Home. You will hear lower unwanted noise from your neighbours, and the power to play loud music in your house without the neighbours hearing it all.
Are they assembled on site or do they arrive fully built?
  • Nano Homes are built in factories, which means that the manufacturers are able to utilise tools unavailable to the on-site builder such as custom manufactured jigs which ensure that all walls, floors and ceilings are square and plumb.
  •  Nano Homes are installed in a matter of 1 - 2 days!
  • They don’t see the typical on-site delays caused predominantly by the weather.

They arrive fully built in two halves, that are assembled on site.

How far off the back boundary and the main house do they have to be?
  • 3 metres, if the lot has an area of at least 450 square metres but less than 900 square metres
  • 5 metres, if the lot has an area of at least 900 square metres but less than 1500 square metres
  • 10 metres, if the lot has an area of at least 1500 square metres.

For NSW CDC approvals, there must be a setback from a rear boundary of no less than the following:

Do I need a council DA?


  • Your Nano Home can be approved as either a Complying Development Construction (CDC) or with a Development Approval (DA).
  • For your Nano Home to be approved as a CDC:
    • Maximum floor area is 60 square metres
    • Nano Homes meet the requirements of the building code
    • Only the primary dwelling on the land prior to installation of your Nano Home
    • Combined total floor area of the primary dwelling and nano home still complies with the local council environment plan
    • The land is not subdivided, and is a minimum of 450 square metres
    • The Nano Home meets the planning controls such as building heights and setbacks for the SEPP
    • If your Nano Home does not qualify as a CDC, we will happily assist you with your DA

Other States

We will liaise with your local council on your behalf and assist with DA Approval requirements.

Can I add a water tank/veranda at a later date?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of veranda sizes from 3m to 12m in length and 2m in width. 
Water tanks can also be added as well as solar panelling if required.

Can you arrange finance?

We have an in-house finance team who can provide you with a number of tailored finance solutions.

What about connecting to mains power?

All Nano Homes come pre-plumbed, pre-wired and are both internet and automation ready as standard.

Does a Nano Home need a separate entrance?

No! This is very much a personal preference and can be arranged if desired. Our builders will be happy to assist.

Won’t I be worse off with a bigger mortgage?

The addition of a Nano Home will also add to your household income which in turn can actually help you pay your home loan off even faster. Depreciation claims can also help. Our Finance Team can explain this to you in detail.

How To Find Out More

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Can I fence off my Nano Home from my main residence?

Yes you can, we can arrange that for you as well as a landscaping service if that is of interest to you.

* varies by suburb