At this free event you will:

Discover An Ethical, Sustainable, And Responsible ‘Recipe’ To Pay Off Your Home In 10 Years Or Less 

And Become Independently Wealthy Through Australian Property… Even On An Average Income

Actual growth suburbs named
(Discover Areas Set for Solid Population Growth, Record Infrastructure Spending, Massive Jobs Creation, Exciting Rental Yields, And Booming Capital Growth)

Discover valuable insights from research firms RPData and CoreLogic

Access and analyse real case studies, real properties, real figures

How Many Of These Common Property Challenges Are You Currently Facing?

  • You don't know how much money you need to get started  in property (Hint: It’s a lot less than most people think), and how much can you realistically make  in the next 10 years
  • You want to know where we are in the current property cycle  (and what you should be doing to protect your assets and make money)
  • You want the truth about the so-called real estate bubble  – are we set for a crash, or are the stories just media hype ?
  • You'd like to know the types of properties  should you be looking at in 2018 (existing, new, houses, terrace homes, townhouses, villas, apartments, commercial?)
  • You want to legally save tax  and boost your personal savings and wealth
  • You'd love to to pay off your home loan (in 10 years or less)  and accelerate your retirement savings
  • You want to know the best locations  to look for investment properties are right now

Many people have similar unanswered questions  that prevent them from getting started in property investing (or prevent them from growing their portfolio as quickly as they’d like). 

And that’s what has led us to develop this Property Market Update  event where we will answer these questions and more.

During This Fast-Paced 90-Minute Event You’ll Discover…

  • The problem with the ‘default’ financial plan most Australians follow (and an alternative plan  you can use to retire sooner with more money)
  • How much tax you’re really paying (and how to legally use some of this money to grow your wealth and prepare for retirement)
  • The shocking cost of your mortgage,  particularly how many days of the year you need to work to pay it off (and how to pay off your home in 10 years or less without sacrificing your current lifestyle)
  • The truth about property prices in Australia (and surprising information about the best way to make money in property  in the next 10 years)
  • “The House Price Cycle” explained (without all the hype)
  • How to protect yourself  (and even prosper) during the next inevitable cyclical downturn (Warning: Get this information BEFORE the next crash)
  • Are SMSFs  worth the hassle (real facts and figures based on the last 12 months)
  • The search criteria  you need to find the best properties in Australia (and real examples to demonstrate), yes, real examples
  • Some of the current properties  we’ve selected for our clients (ALL the data -- no holds barred -- ready for your analysis)

About Your Presenter – Simon Harris

Your speaker for this event will be Simon Harris a leading Property Commentator, Property Advisor, Director of Research at Providence Property, and  an investor with his own money on the line in the market.

Although he ordinarily attracts a sizeable presenter’s fee (and the information he shares is worth every cent and more), because of our long-standing association, we are able to offer this 90-minute event completely  free for you to attend.

But that doesn’t mean Simon will hold anything back. He will share his best ideas including the latest research data and case studies, with  no hype, no obligation, and absolutely no pressure to buy anything – guaranteed.

If you like his ideas, you may be interested in exploring how Providence  helps hundreds of clients put these strategies into action.

Alternatively, you can take the valuable information and implement everything yourself.

In any case, you’ll come away with a better understanding of the Australian property market, and specific suburbs to look at right now.

About Providence Property

Since 2006, Providence Property – specialist property research, investment and advisory firm – has helped hundreds of clients build a profitable property portfolio (including more than 273 Accountants, Financial Planners and Mortgage Brokers who trust our advice and regularly refer clients).

No matter what the market, the Providence team has consistently been able to find properties with high tenant appeal and solid medium and long-term capital growth.

And it’s all because of the Three Tier System of Macro, Micro, and Individual Property Analysis we use to find high performance properties that outpace averages, so you can grow your portfolio (and wealth) faster.

If you’d like to know the absolute best locations to look for investment properties right now – areas set for solid population growth, record infrastructure spending, massive jobs creation, exciting rental yields, and booming capital growth…

And if you’d like to find out about an ethical, sustainable, responsible ‘recipe’ to pay off your home in 10 years or less and become independently wealthy through Australian property…

Reserve your seat at Property Market Update now.

Let Us Help You Make Money With Property

How This Event Is Different To Other Seminars

Unlike other seminars that cover general information about property and investing, this event provides  specific data and names real suburbs you should be looking at (and which suburbs you should avoid and why). 

Plus, it outlines an ethical, sustainable, responsible ‘recipe’ to pay off your home loan in 10 years or less  and become independently wealthy through Australian property. 

And we even open the floor for an Open Mic Q&A  with our expert speaker.

What Other Attendees Say

Hundreds of people just like you have attended our events over the past 12 months. Here’s what some of them have to say…

Great insight and property investment knowledgeVinod Thota

Paints a great picture of where one could be if they invested in property. Excellent work.Patrick O’Brien

Interesting factual presentation without the hype or pressure. ExcellentBrian Mitchell

Very important information – 
Excellent. Erick Denis

Information everyone should know 
Wendy Reade

Great overview of investing and the importance of expanding your wealthAraeil Pourhakoupian

Well presented and well researched logical presentation. It made senseAnthony Leary

Great researched based factsBelarama Bel

Very informative and realistic, excellent presentation - Billy Ho

Very helpful in making informed decisions in an overwhelming area - Shirley King

Concise, targeted, very goodRoss Barker

I really liked the breadth of perspective - Libby Waugh

Concise information and covered a lot of groundKate Boyle

Evidence based, logical information, excellentShasha Yie

Very informativeDiwakap Joshi

Lots of information for the timeframe – very good. Theodore Drivas

Excellent, Highly valuable insights provided Rizwan Tariq

Very good presentation, plenty of great informationTony Martins

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Wednesday 24th October OR Wednesday 21st November
York St Function Centre - Level 2, 99 York St Sydney (book below)

6pm Registration and Refreshments
6.20pm Presentation
8pm Completion