You’re invited to attend our next client information session

Event Details:

Tuesday March 6th 2018

6.00pm Registration and Refreshments
6.30pm Presentation
8.15pm Completion

Parramatta RSL Cnr of O’Connell St & Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW 2150


The session presented by Providence Property Research Director Simon Harris will cover –

How to easily and safely build a growth property portfolio that will pay off your home loan for you in 10 years on a modest income.

Most people do not think that this can be done. They do not think this is genuinely possible for them, when it really is. This is because they cannot see clearly how it can be done — even when starting with a modest wage and savings position.

We will debunk this myth. In very clear layman’s terms, we will take you through precisely how this is done, step by step.

We will be using authentic current property recommendations and case studies from Providence with real and conservative numbers to show you how this is done.

Most importantly you will take away a clear path as to how you can absolutely, personally achieve this.

Also covered will be –

  • How to pay your children’s school fees, orthodontic bills and pay for a holiday home with no personal labour but instead using investment property
  • How to optimally use property to accelerate your retirement savings and provide financial independence from the pension in retirement
  • Tax is your biggest expense. Discover how you can legally convert most of your income tax into personal wealth creation savings
  • Are we in a property bubble? There is a crash coming. Find out exactly when it will be, how to protect yourself and how you can prosper through the downturn
  • How you can personally identify the very best growth investment properties to buy
  • Where to find the best property opportunities in the country right now
  • This seminar should be attended by anyone who is genuinely interested in improving their wealth position.